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Rob O'Connor 05-04-2010 07:23 AM

Newbie in need of help, very much appreciated!
Hey guys, this is my first post, I'm a 24-year-old from Dublin, I am naturally skinny but with a tendency to carry fat around my mid-section in the fashion of an older man! I have actually gained weight in the past year. I started working out with weights in February 2009 when I was at just 9 stone and I am now 11 stone (around 154 pounds, I think). I have gained some additional fat but not a huge amount (what you see here is fat that already existed). I have definitely gained some muscle, especially on my chest, but I don't feel like I'm making an awful lot of progress. At present I don't do any consistent cardio, and I know that to lower my bodyfat % I need to do this. So basically I'm hoping you guys would take a minute to critique my diet and my plan in general, I'd appreciate it.

-1 cup oatmeal on water with skim milk and a handful of raisins and almonds
-2-3 whole eggs

NO Shotgun before workout
Serious Mass after workout
Handful nuts (brazils, almonds, walnuts...)

1 tin tuna with baby leaf salad, mixed peppers and cider vinegar dressing

(I was taking two slices of wholewheat toast with this or a bagel but in the past week I've dropped this because of the concerns about the fat)

1 chicken fillet OR 1 salmon fillet OR 1 round steak (less often), 1 cup of wholegrain rice or pasta or sweet potato with green vegetables (brocolli, green beans, spinnach, mangetout or similar)
Serious Mass

Before bed:
1 peanut butter bagel or 1 cup oatmeal
Serious Mass

I workout with weights 3-4 times a week including a legs day, chest and back combination day, shoulders and arms day and if I go a fourth time it'd be a repeat of one of these.

I can't be quite specific about weight but I do squats, leg press, leg raises, seated/standing calves raises and leg extensions. For chest I do bench press, incline, dips, rows, pullovers, lat pulldown...hmm I can't think of the others. For arms it's bicep curl seated and standing, tricep press, tricep push behind back, upright row, reverse tricep press.

Ultimately I am not looking to be ripped I prefer the more rugby type look, but obviously be leaner around stomach, and definitely beef up the arms and shoulders most importantly.

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