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  1. EricT
    11-14-2008 02:08 PM - permalink
    That would be sweet but you may never get it back!
  2. Pitysister
    11-14-2008 12:56 PM - permalink
    i ordered it last night...if you want to borrow after i take notes, let me know.
  3. EricT
    11-14-2008 10:33 AM - permalink
    No, I don't have inside-out. I was just thinking about it, though. I want to get it.
  4. Pitysister
    11-13-2008 03:56 PM - permalink
    do you have inside out?
  5. EricT
    11-12-2008 04:52 PM - permalink
    I wasn't suggesting yet, of course.
  6. EricT
    11-12-2008 04:40 PM - permalink
    I tried it and using a towel is "easier". But it is kind of two different things.
  7. EricT
    11-12-2008 04:36 PM - permalink
    I think that would increase the difficulty. Having a towel and just sliding if forward a bit still provides you with SOME support from that arm.
  8. Pitysister
    11-12-2008 04:33 PM - permalink
    wonder if just pulling that one hand off the floor would be good to start with.
  9. EricT
    11-12-2008 04:29 PM - permalink
    You just would not use that much ROM as the guy in the vid.
  10. Pitysister
    11-12-2008 04:25 PM - permalink
    i like it.....progressing to the towels might take a little while....looks good for the abs too.

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