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  1. mad matt
    05-28-2009 07:52 AM - permalink
    mad matt
    Its hard to say, everyone is different and alot depends on body fat, if your high in body fat then theres a good chance, if your low in body fat then i wouldnt worry about it...
  2. powell
    05-28-2009 07:17 AM - permalink
    thanks man, whats the chances of "bitch tits" last question i promise bro sorry if i'm annoyin u
  3. mad matt
    05-28-2009 07:04 AM - permalink
    mad matt
    If your going to insist on doing this then take the nolva at the end of your cycle, three days after you take your last tablets. Take 50mg a day for a week of nolva then 25mg every day for three weeks...
  4. powell
    05-28-2009 06:10 AM - permalink
    matt bro could you please help me out because i have ready your posts on this site and
    you seem to know what your talking about. as i said i plan on taking four 5mg dianabol
    tabs a day and i was just wondering if i wait till i finish the dianabol cycle before i take the nolvadex and if so how much of the nolvadex should i take for PCT please help me out bro

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