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IMO glutimine is not going to be the best thing to slow the catabolic effects of severely restricting cals. your better off sipping on a BCAA drink through the day to get the anti-catabolic effect.

the reason being (and this is a highly debated topic also), glutimine has very shitty bioavailability, and thus doesnt uptake into your system very well.

that being said, I use scivation Xtend, it is a mix of BCAA's, Glutimine, and citruline malate. I sip on it through the day, and it not only is very anti-catabolic, but it helps to keep me less hungry.

X, I see you left out a pre workout shake, should i be avioding that while cutting? I always assumed I'd be burning off the dextrose (less then 20g) I use in the first 30min of lifting anyway... your thoughts.
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