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Originally Posted by ChinPieceDave667


what you eat in a day by your example is not even close to what you should be eating for even cutting, i.e. you will actually eat more for cutting compared to what you have posted as your "diet". In your cut diet you will most likely have to eat 2000-2200 calories a day. From your pic I would say you have about 165-175 lbs of muscle. So I would use that as your starting point when you start figuring your diet. What I would do is just start reading all the articles and posts on diet you can and use your lean body weight to figure out your diet. Then when you get that down start upping your cardio till you get to about 5 days of cardio, everything else will fall into place.

Also, how long have you been working out?
I've been working out every now and then. I haven't made a routine yet or followed one. I usually do some cardio and some sit-ups, push ups, leg raises, and full body crunches.
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