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Thanks for all the options. I have to lose about 10 percent bodyfat and/or 80 pounds to get within standards. In order to score an outstanding I need to do 100 situps / 67 pushups and the 1.5 mile in 10 minutes for my age-group. I can currently only do 54 situps / 47 pushups and the 1.5 mile in an embarrasing 15:30. I'm on a cruiser so we really don't have anywhere to do the windsprints due to having helos on our small flightdeck. We do have 2 pretty good treadmills, 2 bikes, and 1 mountainclimber. We also have just had a heavy bag put in. I will probably have to go with the little to no dinner and lunch with heavy eggs order for bkfst which is okay. The food prep guys and I get along great so that won't be a problem. I can do salads for lunch and dinner no worries. Sometimes they even have cottage cheese. The suppliments may be a problem just because of costs so I may have to do without. I usually take One-a-day multivitamins so I'll just stick with that. What would be a good workout routine? I was thinking m-w-f muscle-building with t-th-sa cardio, and having Sunday as a rest day or light cardio. I have my Purple belt in Chinese Kenpo so was going to be doing my forms, kempos, and defensive movements every morning which if done slowly with power should be almost like doing Power Tai Chi. What does anyone think about that? Also, thanks for no huge lectures. I'm here for help and you guys have been great with it. I really appreciate it.

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