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Default The Ultimate Workout Program Resource List

OK everyone, please help me clean this up. Id like to get a list going, and get a sticky. Please add links or original posts. I am trying to relink all posts. Most you can copy and paste.

Biggie ups to all the boards and the wealth of knowledge out there.
Links courtesy of Big Mike at XtremeMass, Jweave23 and Myoblast at AM, T-Mag/T-Nation, 1fast400/BN, Many of the links also include the original author. Much Respectů Please add links to good articles.

Training Methods

Needsize's 5x5

Split 2x day training .

Fox Sets

3x3 Training

Basic Splits:

Conjugate splits/high frequency training:

HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training):

HIT (High Intensity Training):

Dogg Crapp Training (DC):

Extreme Stretching (to go along with DC):

Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training (DFHT)
DFHT is another workout program that resembles HST

Westside Training:

What is Westside Training a.k.a. WSB?
WSB for Athletes
Westside Training

German Volume Training (GVT)
German Volume Training (GVT)

Advanced German Volume Training (AVGT)

Tri Phase Progressive Training (TP PT):

Abbreviated Training:

Russian Training

Bulgarian Training

Pendulum Training
Undulated Periodization - Variable Repitition Training

Ian's Top 10 Mass Makers

Shoulders Overhaul

Triple Threat

Optimized Volume Training OVT

Exercise Pictures and Videos
Links prepared by Spatts
General Directory I
General Directory II
Olympic Lifts
General, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Agility, Plyos, Etc... videos/Exercise Description Menu.htm
Squat, Bench, and Deadlift Assistance Moves
Common Postural Deficiencies -
From Slayer, Muscle Clips, Time for a change

High Intensity Training (HIT)
Cardio Discussion

Got calipers? Test info here

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