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Default 06/2/2006

Friday's Workout


Cardio: Treadmill 15 mins. light jog.

A2G Squats: 2x15 @ 195lbs.
DB Lunges: 1x15 @ 35lbs.
Stiff Leg Deads: 2x15 @ 125lbs.
Inc. BB Press: 2x15 @ 145lbs.
Cable Flies: 2x15 @ 30lbs.
JS Rows: 2x15 @ 135lbs.
Pulldowns: 1x15 @ 85lbs.
Close Grip Pulldowns : 1x15 @ 85lbs.
Arnold Press: 2x15 @ 35lbs.
DB Side Raises: 1x15 @ 20lbs.
Rear Delt Raises: 1x15 @ 20lbs.
Skulls EZ Curl Bar: 1x15 @ 65lbs.
1 Arm Press Down: 1x15 @ 45lbs.
DB Curls: 1x15 @ 30lbs.
Reverse EZ Curls: 1x15 @ 65lbs.
Standing Smithy Calf Raise: 1x15 @ 220lbs.
Seated Calf Raises: 1x15 @ 150lbs.
Shrugs: 1x15 @ 220lbs.
Abs: 2x15 Hanging Leg Raises

Cardio was fine, I like to start out light and see where I'm at after the week. I felt like crap working out. I was just tired. Right after rows I really started to feel it. Some of the numbers I kept the same most were increases. I chugged the P.V. and Whey down and after 30 mins I felt a lot better. I think I was just feeling carb depleted.
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