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Ok, let's get to specifics. I recommend 25 calories per pound of bodyweight. This equates to a 200 lb man consuming 5000 calories per day. The following is a partial list of recommended foods:

Lean cuts of beef
Buffalo meat
Fish of all sorts
Peanut butter
Almond butter
Beans of all types (especially soy)
Rice (white rice being the least desirable)
Salads with minimal dressings
Vegetables of all types
Fruits of all types
Skim or 1% milk
Soy milk
Yogurt -
Cheeses of all types
There are many other good, healthy foods one can consume; the above is only a partial list. You should make your best effort to consume minimally processed foods. The processing of all foods robs them of some of the vital nutrients they naturally contain. Overly processed foods also tend to be very high in sodium and usually contain excessive amounts of chemicals used to promote taste, shelf-life, and the look of the food. If possible, organic foods are a preferable choice. They are not perfect, but should contain less harmful agents than non-organic foods.

Refined sugars are to be avoided. This does not mean you cannot have the occasional treat, but that you should make that treat the exception as opposed to the rule. Refined sugars rob the body of B vitamins and spike insulin levels. Spiked insulin levels promote the deposition of fat.
Well, it doesn't say to go nuts at the donut store either. Just eat A LOT of the right things. When most people "clean bulk", they take it out of context. Looking through some journals on other sites it says stuff like, "a handfull of walnuts..Or a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese exactly". That type of shit is stupid. To me, this article brings out the point that you need to consume a hell of a lot more than a handfull or 1.5 scoops on the safe side. Why have 4 egg whites and 2 whole eggs if you're bulking or strength training?? Have as many as your wallet can afford, and if you go to a whole sale warehouse, they're very cheap!

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