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Originally Posted by Eric3237
Also look at the nutrition stickies. They really should tell you everything you need to know. Plus a some more articles in the Nutrition Articles section. Even if certain things may be slightly condradictory that will still give you a research base to go of from which you can come up with a diet plan that others here can help you with based on their experience.

And I would recommend a whey protein powder at least for pre/post workout. Nothing unnatural about protein. Also some high GI carbs for the same purpose. It's all in the nutrition stickies.

Some general advice. If you want to gain mass, do it for YOURSELF. Not to satisfy a weight chart. You'll be more succesful that way. Hell, theres even a fancy term for it: inoteric behavior as opposed to exoteric behaviour. Inoteric meaning that you do things because of their intrinsic value to you and you alone instead of some outside consideration.
yeah thats true,keep goin until your satisfied,and i'l post my diet as soon as I'm finished redoing it,and the whey stuff you buy they put diff kinds of crap in it besides just the protein itself.
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