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[QUOTE=Eric3237]What are you talking about? Most of the basic wheys just have whey concentrate, whey isolates, and whey peptides. Some gainers have other stuff. It's mostly just vitamins and minerals[QUOTE]

[QUOTE] "As with protein in general, long-term, excessive intake may be associated with deteriorating kidney function and possibly osteoporosis."

[QUOTE]and the other dietary sources of protein typically contribute more protein to the diet than does whey protein.

Got somethin in it thats not too good for you.They Usually find out later that all this stuff you that you can take causes major health risks.It says kidney deteration hasn't been linked to whey protein or protein itself but it still says it may.(natural sources of protein more likely run a lower risk of deterioration to your kidneys.) And I guess the other dietary sources of protein are better for you then whey is. Just like creatine. They now think creatine causes cancer and their tryin to get it classified as a class 3 steroid in the US and it's banned in the UK.And noone thought in the 90's it had any of those side effects.Eating a steak or some hamburger after a workout gives you more protein then a glass of whey protein does.And I know whey protein comes from milk,but the whey you buy is made artifically from natural ingredients and any form of meat is a natural source for protein itself.(cheaper and it's food.)
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