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[QUOTE=verbatimreturned] So I say you just quit bodybuilding and pick up Badminton as a hobby, or you can have an 8 ounce hamburger post workout everyday

Nah,i'm good for now,badminton is kinda gay for me.bodybuilding is not my hobby,and I never knew bodybuilding was a hobby,thought it was a way of life that isn't very long.Believe it or not,you don't need crap like whey for bodybuilding,theres something called "Meat" that gives you more protein,it's food,and healthy.or just drink something called "milk" and get the same benefits as whey,but more of it. And no I don't need 20 pages of articles telling me how much safer supplements and other crap are.I'm sure it tells all about how safe anabolics are too.But more to the point of this whole topic if anyone else has any advice thats usefull or anything else that can help me a little bit it wouldn't hurt otherwise might as well just close this topic.
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