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Default Media Player Added - Play Videos within Threads

I have just finished setting up a media player for the forum. Basically what this does is allow members to view a media file from any source on the web while still viewing the thread. That way we don't have to open up any new windows or download anything if you don't want to.

Here is an example of video file from YouTube :

And here is an example of an Audio file being played:

All you have to do is click the "M" button up top and insert the media url in between the [media] tags. This player will work for almost every type of video or audio file so don't be afraid to test it. It also supports most of the big video sites such as Youtube, Google, iFilm, etc. so feel free to use the urls that these services provide.

For video files if your video's dimensions are bigger than the default media player size you can always set the width of the viewer in this format: [media="width, height"]

If you wish to download the media file you can choose to click the "Click Here to Download It" link along the bottom and save it to your computer.

I think this will be a great feature to have for threads pertaining to proper form or even for members to show off their PR's. As always I would enjoy feedback on this feature.

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