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Drag Curls
13,9,8 x 70 R.p. stretch

ForearmHammer Curls
1 x19 x 30

Seated Calf Mach
1 x 12 x 180 5sec neg stretch

V-squat? No hack squat but it looks close enough
12 x 270
15+6 180

Lying leg curls
12,11,6 x 85 1 set just rest enough to keep going 2-4 sec legs need work neglecting them to long.

Really good gym day first time trying d.c. style squats--and failed. had to stop at 15 then back on for 6 I was soaked with sweat after these. I can see why you do these toward the end...and I was even using pussy wieght. part of it cause I started to get a really bad back pump, should be gone by this week and secondly these mach are new to me never been on them. Also just setting base line for lifts.
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