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Originally Posted by Joker13 View Post
Yea sorta messed up on the squats, very unfamiliar mach, and still have alittle back pumps going on,
thanx for the advice

so the rest pause should look like this ex. 12reps 8sec neg 5reps 8sec neg 2reps eight sec neg? I thought it was only on the last rep of the r.p.
We'll use Incline Smythe for 11-15 RP as the example:

1. Perform as many warm up sets as needed.

2. Once the weight is set, do your first "mini" set. Each set has an explosive positive, and an controlled negative. You hit positive muscle failure on the 8th rep (meaning you barely got it up and cannot do another by yourself). After you get it up, you execute an TRUE 8 second NEGATIVE. This means you rerack it on the BOTTOM after the 8 second negative.

3. Take 12-15 DEEP breaths. This equates to roughly 20 seconds. During this time, I usually stand on the bench and rerack the bar back up top. By your 10th breath you should already start to get under the bar and re-establish grip placement.

4. Unrack and start reps again. This time you're going for anywhere between 2-4 more reps. Same way, explosive positive, controlled negative. Now you hit positive muscle failure on your 3rd rep this time. So after your third rep is done, you're going to do another TRUE 8 second NEGATIVE and rerack on the bottom. (It's very hard, but fight through the pain).

5. Take 12-15 DEEP breaths again. Same thing as before. Reset the bar back to top.

6. Unrack and go for 1-3 more reps, still maintaining form and controlling the negative. This time you barely make your second rep. So after your 2nd rep you're going to (once again) execute a TRUE 8 second negative and rerack on the bottom.

7. At this point you've finished your rest/pausing. Take up to 20 DEEP breaths this time while you once again reset the bar. This is where boys become men! After your 20th breath, unrack the bar and slowly lower the bar either 4 inches down from the top OR 4 inches off your chest. (different people like one or the other). You will hold this position for as long as you can up to 20 + seconds. This is your STATIC HOLD and it isn't for pussies.

8. Now you're OFFICIALLY done with your ONE exercise. Take a minute or two to get your sanity back because the pain don't stop there. Grab a pair of DB's (as HEAVY as you can bear). Now you do your ONE MINUTE loaded fascia stretch by sucking as much air into your lungs as possible, puffing out your chest, arching your back, and dropping those HEAVY DB's into the deepest position they can go. Usually this resembles a "half fly".

* In your log book you'd record all this shit as 8 + 3 + 2 = 13 RP *

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