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Default Chicken Tips

Going through a precontest phase myself, It doesn't matter bout taste. It all tastes like ass! I cook bout 3-4lbs of chicken outside on the grill (no mess, no clean up!). I then ziploc and reheat later on. Personally, I love that chargrilled taste! And, I have no "wife" to cook for me..... I am tooo lazy right now to jazz up the meat and worry bout what it tastes like... I'm just eating to eat, no enjoyment here! It's ten times better than tuna and not as dry as red meat ( which i am currently not eating). My biggest prob with chicken is the dryness from reheating it. So, best bet is to Broil the chicken with like oniions and lots of garlic.....I also through in my veggies (broccoli, yams, green beans brussel sprouts)........put it all together in a roasting pan, cook for like 1.5hours 350' and only one dirty pan. It is super convienient and chicken is sooooo moist!
Sorry bout grammer, low carbs will do that!
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