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Originally Posted by ChinPieceDave667 View Post
but you might be forgetting where a persons calorie intake starts, i.e., how much past "maintenance" has the person been eating while bulking.
Yes aerobic exercise must be added but there is a point to where you can not add anymore aerobic exercises and something has to give. Also, you add too much aerobic exercises or performing it longer than needed, 2+ hours for example, your body become too efficient at storing energy when working out to perform these exercises, for example long distance runners and sprinters. On top of that your body needs to rest and if your body is always stressed then you will start producing hormones that retain fat.
1. I'm in NO way suggesting that aerobic exercise be used 4 calorie burning to the exclusion of caloric intake reduction, only that it occupy a much bigger role.

2. Again, most people confuse aerobic exercise with anaerobic. Long distance runners, for example, exercise at oxygen deficient, anaerobic levels.

3. As stated in my first post, the degree to which true aerobic exercise stresses/fatigues the muscles (or body) is negligible. The goal is to SLIGHTLY raise the bodies natural temperature--a SLIGHT increase in heartbeat and respiration. For me, this translates to something akin to 2x the energy expended while walking, but sustained for 30-60 minutes twice daily for optimal results. Mileage will vary, depending on age, weight, bf percentage, etc.

4. My point: people aren't getting the desired results from "cardio," because they are going at it all wrong by working too hard, fatiguing their muscles (and body), and exercising in a state of oxygen depletion. This is counterproductive, but the norm.

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