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And street fighting is different as you never know if the other guy has friends in the crowd, packing heat, or has a . So, it's best to avoid any street confrontations, if possible
I've gotta completely agree with this. I've trained since i was 10, and to fight in the street is just not worth it. if you can walk away, you should. Not to mention, nothing you do is going to stop a bullet, so f that, I pack whenever possible.

However, it is possible to fight multiple attackers and win if you must. It is also completely viable to get your ass handed too you. The point is you never know what your up against. so my philosphy is this, hit hard, hit fast, and get the hell out of there. Not to mention if your in a fight, you dont want to stick around for the cops to show up, even if you did win your going to jail, so is that really a win?

I didnt get to see the payperview, I am pissed. can you give me a lil rundown, who came out on top?
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