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Originally Posted by Boxing Raven
Speaking of milk money,

That's more the reason I was pissy than dieting. I just found out yesterday that my 11 year old son is getting picked on in school by 5 other boys. It caught me off guard, because he's been involved with Karate and boxing since he was 6, but the problem is that he got in trouble 2 years ago for fighting a kid, and the school went nuts, so I asked him not to fight anymore. Apparently these kids found out he wouldn't fight back and started following him home after school and calling him a "loser" and pushing him down. He was too embarassed to tell me, because he knows I'm big on sticking up for ones self. I found out yesterday because he had finally had enough of it, (this kids had followed him home right up to our door, calling him stuff and pushing on him) so my son went in the house and took one of my swords down from it's display stand and threatened to decapitate one of them. My wife caught him and I didn't find out all of this until I got home. I called the school today and they don't seem to really care. I told my son that I meant I didn't want him scraping every day, when I said "don't fight" and I didn't want him getting expelled. I told him that if they touch him again, to put his elbow through their teeth and let the toothfairy sort it all out.

I gotta sort all this stuff out when I get home from work tonight. Ironic, I was always the biggest kid in all of my classes and barely anybody ever even messed with me. My son however, has his biological mothers characteristics and he's not big boned. He also doesn't really like fighting. Not really sure what to do about it all.

I seriously wasn't trying to be harsh on here.
I know what your kid is going through.. I was small growing up and was always picked on because I wouldn't fight and the kids knew that I did martial arts.. and One day I flipped on one kid that would constantly pick on me.. I got in his face but never hit him.. I was sooo amped that I was shaking from it while being in his face.. everybody thought I was crazy because I was shaking.. and people just started rumors that I was crazy and not to mess with me.. now granted most of my school was full of sh!t talkers and no action so that worked out well for me.. but your area might be different... I say just have him knock the crap out of one kid off school property and on yours, that way if the kids go and tell mommy that a kid beat the crap out of them and they go to file a report.. it will be their fault because they were trespassing.. and your kid warned them
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