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Originally Posted by ChinPieceDave667
I know what your kid is going through.. I was small growing up and was always picked on because I wouldn't fight and the kids knew that I did martial arts.. and One day I flipped on one kid that would constantly pick on me.. I got in his face but never hit him.. I was sooo amped that I was shaking from it while being in his face.. everybody thought I was crazy because I was shaking.. and people just started rumors that I was crazy and not to mess with me.. now granted most of my school was full of sh!t talkers and no action so that worked out well for me.. but your area might be different... I say just have him knock the crap out of one kid off school property and on yours, that way if the kids go and tell mommy that a kid beat the crap out of them and they go to file a report.. it will be their fault because they were trespassing.. and your kid warned them
SDF, hrdgain & cpdave, thanks for advice guys. Much appreciated. This is much more difficult to deal with than anything I personally had to deal with as a kid, because I feel pretty helpless when he's at school.

I think all of you gave good advice, and I pretty much told him the same thing. I told him if he see's 4 or 5 of them together, to just avoid them if he can. But I told him if he should catch one of those bastards on our street, by himself, to grab him and beat the living p*ss out of him, and to make sure he gets enough solid facial blows in, so that when the kid goes to school the next day (if he can even go) that everybody he comes across will ask him what happened. That way everyone will know he got his @ss handed to him.

The crazy thing could work (I know it didn't hurt me any, because apparently when I get really mad, I look kinda psycho) but I don't think it would work for my kid. He's slim, and a really good looking guy. He looks like he's more likely to become a male model down the road, than any sort of an @ss whooper. He has one thing going for him, he's pretty athletic, and has naturally gifted reflexes/hand eye coordination. He also hits very hard for a skinny kid (I know, he's bruised my ribs in training from repetitively hitting me with left hooks to the body). I think if he actually nailed one of them with a good shot in the face, it would end the fight.

Just like the way this thread started out though, I think we all agree, it's pretty difficult for anyone to win a 4 or 5 on 1 battle.

Thanks again for the concern. I really appreciate it. You guys are the best, most decent, big muscle bound rat bastards I've ever met.

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