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Default Strength and Endurance for the Fighter in me.

Well after being on the side lines for almost a month I'm getting back into it and starting my training for Grappling, Muay Thai, and MMA competitions.

As you may or may not know, I compete in BJJ and I'm looking to try MMA within the year or at least Muay Thai. To do this I need to get my strength back up to were it was when I was 5x5ing it hardcore and get my endurance and conditioning waaaay up.

Thus far my strength gains have taken to the side lines to make way for my conditioning to get to a moderate - good standings so I'm not huffing it after 15 mins of sparring in BJJ.

My goals are to try to keep and increase strength and endurance at the relative same time. If you , look here you'll see the program me and several of the other members have helped me come up with, 0311, Eric, and hdgainer, with some good insight and other knowledge to set a pace for moving both strength and endurance/conditioning up, props to them.

It looks something like this:
- 2 weeks dual factor 5x5 (volume)
- 2 weeks dual factor 3x3 (intensity)
- 2 weeks SE;
- 2 weeks complexes/pylos; 2-3 CO/PY workouts, 2 ME per week
- 1 week deload
* reset

I'm not looking to beat new maxes every time but I would like to see increases, small or large, in all areas.


aaahh. Now that I got that off my chest here is what I mean.
If I have a competition in anything, I'm not going to be worrying about my strength 2-3 weeks out before my matches, I'm going to be working on conditioning and techniques strictly, with some cutting so I can make the weight I want. On top of that I've never done these cycles like this, so I don't know what to expect. At one point I might say, "This is not enough or this is too much and I can't deal with the work load on top of MMA training." On top of that my Complexes and plyo weeks are going to be very experimental for one day I'll do complexes with a barbell and the next day I'll be doing kettlebell work or using sandbags so nothing is concrete right now.

Speaking about weight, My weight now is about 211lbs. @ about 14%. I'm looking to be at a around 195-200lbs at close to 6-10% body fat. So my diet will fluctuate depending on what workout cycle I'm on and how close I am to a competition. So I will also keep you updated on that as closely as I can. My caloric intake will be anywhere from 3000-4200 mostly with a ratio of 35-40% pro/ 40-45% carbs/ 15-25% fat. On days I do both my workout and MMA training the carbs and fat will be higher. On my rest days the pro will be higher and carbs and fat lower.

As for my MMA training days I train anywhere from 2-3 hours, 2-5 times a week. My training is a lot of plyometrics, drilling techniques and for now sparing in my grappling class. I have to wait for tryouts to get on the sparing team for muay thai, so when that comes I'll be switching things around.

Let the games begin.
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