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I totally disagree with the cycles and the steroids that are being used.

This doesnt even take into consideration what your goals are. What if you what to cut instead of bulk? Do you do any of these 3 cycles mentioned.....not.

And this " All cycles will be 8 weeks in length and involve bi-weekly injections"
DO NOT DO THIS...THIS IS CRAZY (no disrepect intented).

Your hormone levels will be bouncing up and down like crazy. And I believe this is what cause more sides to show up.

And this "You’ll learn Sustanon is better EOD because of the proprionate in it" LMAO

If you are going to do EOD (every other day) injects, why wouldnt you just use Test Proprionate??

If you are going to do this cycle anyways....use TestE or TestC (enanthate or cypionate)

And BTW....Sustanon is not cheaper then the other 2. In fact, its more expensive.

The PCT isnt even really that good.

This post needs to be updated.
Maybe I'll write it up ;)

Till then, if you need any help, I'll be more then glad to help you out

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