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I think the purpose of the article is so you are not doing it all the time and it is not "needed" to grow. In your program you are going to hit that wall and it is ok to go to failure. Remember the program says to keep adding weight until you start missing reps, i.e., going to failure. So when you really need that spot for the last rep or two, you shouldn't add weight the next time till you can get that weight up by yourself. Once you can do that, then technically you are not training to failure. A forced rep here and there is ok, it is the nature of progression and taking you body to the next level. Just don't keep adding weight and continue to do those forced reps and missed reps.

What I like to do is if I miss a rep, then keep to that weight till I just get that last rep, I'll use that weight one more week to see how easy it is and then the following week add weight, example.

Squat, last set:
week 1, 315x5
week 2, 320x4
week 3, 320x5 (just got last rep)
week 4, 320x5
week 5, 325x5
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