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-Foods like most cereals, pastries, and white bread are virtually useless. they have simple, highly processed carbohydrates that don't really fill you up, and only give you a temporary rush of energy that is quickly exhausted, leaving a person feeling tired and sluggish. Whole grains are better, but personally I think that potatoes are better still.

-Transfats and refined sugar should be avoided. As long as a person is taking in enough protein to build muscle, fruits and veggies for nutrition, and complex carbohydrates to provide necessary aerobic energy, it is nearly impossible that they won't also get enough fat and sugars, but special care must be given in the case of omega fatty acids. Honey is an exception, it is very nutritious, and can be taken in as a supplement in moderate amounts. Omega fatty acids are vital for proper heart and brain function and a myriad of other necessary processes. Specific information about these is given below.
It seems like through most of your original post your trying to come up with concrete rules to follow for dieting/nutrition. That would be a huge mistake IMO. not everything that is bad for you, is bad all the time. For instance, you mention sugars, not all sugars are created equally, and post workout you definately want to superdose high GI carbs such as Dextrose/MaltoDextrin/Waxy Maize starch. These will absorb quickly, and replace the muscle glycogen you just used, and speed recovery and growth.

Also, depending on your diet, some fruits will only hinder your fat loss efforts, but lets not get started on keto diets and requirements we'll be here all day.

to me it seems like your overthinking a lot. You have to eat/traing/rest for your specific goals, having not seen your goals, its hard to get a clear picture of what your getting at here.
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