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Originally Posted by joeyboy777
CKD,CKD,ahhh yes. I had good results, lost around 25-20ish. for water,ive always drank a gallon jug a day at work, and ate broccoli and asparagas. I cant spell at all, also for fiber, i used mueslex or psyllum husks. oh,and fiber from nuts i ate.
Tips, id say grab som udos oil.. it is blended with different oils that are good for ya, or get some omega oil. and try salmon in a can,its pretty good.
good stuff x, that the calc I used, I just printed one out, wrote all of my main foods and nuts nutritional info on it,and made copies, just made sure I made the goal each day. You will enjoy your carb ups.
yea thats my problem every day for me is a carb up day i like pasta and bread way to much its going to be hard but after a few of u said that u did it and it worked im definatly going to give it a try
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