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Default What do u all think of this PM??

can u help me


i read about killian and how alot of people r trying to help him so ill ask you. how can i get steroids online cause i dont know how to get a price sheet i saw an old one but thats only because it was posted on another site and that doesnt do anything for my except give me an idea how much some of this stuff is going to cost. all i wanted to buy for my first time cycle was some sus250,deca, and some clomid. now for cutting could i use the deca for that or no, i ask because i cant remember if the deca is a cutter or a bulker like the sus. could you help me out maby referr me to a site so i can get a price list or what. I also noticed alot of you guys on here talk about useing M1t and s1 what r those ive never heard about those before and if i have ill be like duh, once you tell me the name of those products. Please help me!!!!!!!
Does it sounds to u like BOMB_R2?? Sentence structures are so much alike except that this guy isnt trying to write poems.
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