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Sunday Sept 9/ 2007

I thought today went pretty good considering I was sick all weekend and not eating as well as I should etc. I tried the 1x5 deads and it still got me sweating pretty good despite the low reps.

Here is the breakdown:

bar x 8 (warmup)
115lbs x 6 (warmup)
140lbs 3x5

I thought squats felt real solid. Focused on keeping nice form
(knees stay apart and drive off the heels etc) and making sure I get my ass in the weeds. Definately going up again next time.

50kg x 7 (warmup)
65kg x 5 (warmup)
80kg x 4 (warmup)
110kg x5 (approx 245 lbs)

Deads felt good. I did all the warmup cause I didn't want hurt my back. Held my form solid but my grip was slipping a bit. I think its cause I was using straps on my other plan. I did 2 reps of the work set double overhand and switched to opposing after that for the last three. Guess I'll have to work on that. I'll go up in weight next time. Haven't decided if I should go up 5kgs or 2.5kgs. (depends if I can find the small plates or not I spose)

Standing Military Press
bar x 8 (warmup)
65lbs x 5 (warmup)
85lbs 3x5

These felt decent but presses always are tough on sick days I find. Or at least I notice it more. Overall I thought it was okay and I'll go up 5lbs next time.

Pull ups - Don't really know how to warm up for this so I just did it

BW (170lbs or so) 3x5 - Felt pretty strong. I made sure to let my weight drop all the way down. Not sure if this is right but it made it harder and didn't hurt my elbows so I thought it should be good. Any comments on that? I guess I'll add the belt and throw on a few pounds next time or are these sposed to be 3x10? I couldn't remember.

Standing Calf Raises (machine thing)

90lbs x 10 (warmup)
180lbs x 10 (warmup)
230lbs 3x10

Also, the numbers probably don't actually mean anything since its a machine so I'll just use them for reference.

We weren't really sure what to do with the weights on this one as it was our first time using it so thats what I ended up with. Might have been a few too many reps but oh well. Got a good burn in the calves.

And that concludes my sunday sickness day workout. The first run through of workout B. Comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks for reading.
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