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Wednesday Sept 12/07

Was feeling pretty tired all day and I didn't bring my energy drink to get my ass moving before the gym. Also, didn't eat enough today. I really have to nail down my diet now. I've got the workout plan now I just need sleep and food.

Workout A

- bar x a few? (warmup/stretch)
- 115 x 8 (warmup)
- 140lbs 3x5 (working sets)

Bench felt really solid. Hammered through with no problems. Probably could have done another 2 sets but I refrained.

- bar x 10 ish (warmup/stretch)
- 115 x 8 (warmup)
- 145lbs 3x5 (working sets)

Squats felt a bit shaky for some reason. I'm thinking my tired body was to blame. Also I kept having a problem with my toes turning out a bit as I go really deep. I tried to widen my stance a bit to see if that would help but that seemed to make the squats much tougher. hmmm.

standing rows
- 95lbs x 10 (warmup)
- 120lbs 3x5 (working sets)

Hammered these out no problem. Are you supposed to be pausing at the top of these?

Accessory Lifts


- bodyweight + 5lbs 3x10

Felt kinda stupid with a weightbelt with a 5lb on it but o well, it did the trick. I didn't know if I was gonna finish the whole 3x10 but I hammered through at the end.

Cable Ab pull down

- 80lbs x10 (warmup)
- 110lbs 3x10

This time for the cables, we tried a different method. Bending out away from the pulley works much better. Better ROM and more consistent weight on the abs.

Iron Worker
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