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OK guys it appears Im hammered from fatigue here!! I need you big guys to put your training caps on!!

Firstly heres my best relative efforts so far

Squats 3x3 static weight 97.5kg
Squats 5x5 90kg static weight

Bench 3x3 78.5kg static weight
Bench 5x5 72.5kg static weight

In the past 2 weeks I've done a Taper week where I just did 1 set on each exercise for a new RM and then the next week I reset my weights fractionally and did just 3 sets on the 5x5 days to ease my way into things.I've been going like this for a good 9 months now and not hit a plateau really at all.Doing the lower vol higher intensity week has always been enough to let me keep progressing for longer, until now, I did the same as usual and still everything feels heavy as shit (squats and benches have been the worst affected) and I know if I keep going Ill stall out and regress, my question is what do ya think I should do next?

I was thinking of backing the weights off further and staying with the reduced volume for a week longer, then seeing how I feel next week and starting from a nice easy 5x5 on my core exercises.Also what do you think I should reset the weights to? eg squats 5x5 @80kg? more ,less?

Hers my routine for your reference

Bench 3x3 static
Chin 1x5
Bi/Tri work for 3x6 (1 exercise each)

Squat 3x3 static
Press 3x3 static
Deadlift 2x3

Bench 5x5 static weight
Chin 5x5 static
Bi/Tri 3-4 sets of 7 -12 reps

Squat 5x5 static weight
Press 4x5 static weight
Dumbell Row 3-4x5 static weight

The other thing I was thinking of is changing the 3x3 static weight days (mon and tues) to a 3x3 ramping to a top set of 3.Your thoughts ladies and gentlemen would be great.Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!!

Cheers HIThopper
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