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Friday Sept 14/ 2007

bar x 8 (warmup)
115lbs x 6 (warmup)
150lbs 3x5

Felt a little tired on the last couple reps but I made sure I kept my depth and pushed em out. I'll be going up again on this. It feels nice to progress.

50kg x 7 (warmup)
90kg x 5 (warmup)
115kg x5 (approx 253 lbs)

Well I couldn't find the 1.25kg plates so we went ahead and did the 5kg jump this time. I got out all the reps but I found myself seperating leg movement from back movement. I think this may also have been related to doing too high of reps with warmup. I think I'm gonna do like 40x6, 60x4, and 80x2 for warmup next time and see if that feels better.

Standing Military Press
bar x 8 (warmup)
65lbs x 5 (warmup)
90lbs 3x5

I hammered these out no problem. Hittin up 95lbs next time. Woot.

Pull ups -

BW x2 (quick set to get the blood going... dunno how else to do it)
BW+ 5lbs (175lbs or so) 3x5

The last rep was a struggle but I think it counts. I'll go up next time and see what happens.

Standing Calf Raises (machine thing)

90lbs x 10 (warmup)
180lbs x 6 (warmup)
240lbs 3x10

Felt strong on these despite the 10lb jump. I think today went well and I've been eating like a horse lately so that probably helps.

Here is what I ate today so far

8am - bowl of cereal (really need that weightgainer shake for this time)

10am - big bowl of macaroni and chicken breast mixed in (too big maybe)

noon - chicken breast and some spaghetti

2pm - couldn't eat cause I felt real full and didn't want it to hinder my gym performance at 2:30 so I just had an energy drink to pep me up which helps alot

4pm - Had two wraps with sliced up egg whites and pickles and spinach and a potato cause I might not keep up my eating as good 2nite since I'm going out

Hopefully I get one more meal in before I head out 2nite but overall I'm happy with today's progress.

I see people have stopped responding so I must have a boring routine or something. lol O well, I'm keeping this mostly for my own good to monitor my weights and macros. thx for watching


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