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Only thing you have to consider on that is progression. And with 5x3 trying to load or add sets it's going to be VERY hard to keep that going. It might work but just not very long. Unless you use something submax like starting with a 5 or 6RM load....but then it won't be enough to get any PR's going.
Well my thoughts were very much along the lines of Jeffos suggestions, go with 5x3 for a while, if things stall out Ill firstly try to drop a set or 2 on stress day, if its still no go PR wise Ill add sets, I will not just add sets willy nilly! Then when that stalls maybe go back to 5's on stress day,my main reason for switching to 3's is cos I been on 5x5 for like 9 months solid! and of course Ill always check with you guys to see what yall think I should do

3x8 deads is WAY too much...especially on light day.
Damn was looking forward to doing these at a lighter weight!! You big meanie!

On Monday, you might consider alternating heavy triples with heavy fives as the stress. Doing so might help you make a longer run at it
Glad to know I'm thinking along the same lines as you Jeffo, lets me know I'm at least on the right track!!!

Thanks for the help fellas keep the suggestions comin!!

Cheers HIThopper
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