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OK I did PR day today

Squats were FUCKING SHIT and I mean SHIT.I was not keeping my lower back tight at all, I didnt hurt it so I guess I was lucky but still Im so pissed off with todays squat workout, I also have not reset my weights enough for them, next week Im gonna drop off some weight. I have to get my lower back to stay tight, it threw off my hip drive and made the set harder than it should have.It is reassuring to know that the strength is there tho, just the form sucked balls.Ill get it. GRRRR.

Squats 1x0(3) 97.5kg GAY!
Bench 1x3 77.5kg
Chin 1x5 14.25kg PR

The chin is the most weight I have ever strapped to my waist but my bodyweight is dropping slowly so technically its not a PR just yet, Im still a bit off.Bench was not too hard I still got more there.

Cheers HIThopper
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