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Well its a no to breaking my collar bone but I have bigger issues now...

My father passed away on saturday sept 22/07 at the age of 52 (P.S. I'm 21)....I've been home for a week and just got back to school. I'm kinda lost as to what to do now... My friend took me to the gym on thursday and we worked the big three and I managed to do some sets... set some PRs actually. Maybe the anger helps...

Here is what we did

155lbs 3x5
175lbs x 3RM (couldn't do 175x1 at the end of summer and I probably could have done more reps but I held back for some reason.)

175lbs 3x5 (jumped up 10lbs cause this gym didn't have 2.5lb plates but it felt good nonetheless)

245lbs 1x5
295lbs x1RM (New PR)
315lbs x1RM (missed)

It felt good to blow out some steam at the gym and be sore the next day. Of course, my eating has sucked as far as protein...lots of calories tho.... So hopefully I didn't catabolize too bad. I think the fat came on pretty hard tho. Oh well.

Just wondering if any of you guys have any experience with this. My father and I were very close I would say and I believe he was a good man. Approximately 800 ppl attended his funeral or "tribute" as I've been calling it.

Maybe this will drive me harder in the gym. Just lookin for some support or advice I guess.

Thanks for reading,

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