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Default Diet/Training Help for a friend

A female friend of mine just got engaged and she has asked me to help her with her diet and training to get into shape before her wedding in october. She has a desk job, and also goes to school, so her activity level is not great right now. Her stats are

Ht: 5 ft 2
Wght: 160
Age: 25

She has access to a gym, and I've been leaning toward getting her started with 20 minutes solid state cardio every other day, and slowly working into alternating between solid state and hiit eventually. I also want to incorperate resistance training, but I may hold off on that untill her cardio vascular system gets used to the running.

My biggest concern is diet, I have no idea how to calculate BMR or caloric needs for a female, all the formulas I have are for males only. I also was leaning toward a cyclical ketonic type diet, as she has commented that her doctor thinks she is carb sensitive.

Any and all advice is certanly appreciated.
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