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Originally Posted by Eric3237 View Post
Hey, Scotty I don't mean this in a crappy way. It is more of an observation. I noticed that, although all of us made postive comments you only responded to the positive comments that came along with what it seems like you want to hear. I just want you to understand that since you asked for honest feedback, we have pretty concrete reasons for advizing what we did.

If what you wanted is to know you did a good job, etc. Well, hell yes. And good luck.
Hey Eric, excellent observation and no offense taken. You are right. Unintentionally, I think I fixated on the positive comments and not on the critiques. I think it's human nature (or at least my nature) to do so.

I agree with everyone who said I need to put on some lean body mass. I definitely plan to do so but I did set out with the original goal of sub-8% body fat and I'm not one who sets a goal and then changes it half way through.

I have adjusted my diet somewhat in an attempt to preserve lean muscle mass while shaving the remaining fat. I have seen incredible strenth gains thus far (which should translate somewhat to muscle gain) while cutting my fat drastically. A lot of people say that can't be done but it worked, at least, for me.

So, I have tried to glean some wisdom from the comments here but I'm not wanting to disregard my cutting goal and go on a full on bulk to gain some mass.

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