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Smile new to it

Hi Ironkitten thanks for your post it very helpfull . our gym has a limited range of free weights no bars with weights at each end . but a good range of dumbells . then it got all the usual lifting machines .

had not considered the free weights for lower body as the machines so far had been doing the job .but very new to it so I have got a lot of learning to do .

now doing 3 sets of 10 and on the 3rd set now up to 7 or 8 so got the weight right now . will move up the weight slowley as the weight becomes easier .

The lifting part of my session is about an hour or just over as I do both legs and arms in the same session . I did look at splitting it up into top one day then bottom the next but for now at this stage going to keep it together . I may split the sessions later on as I learn as I progress further and learn different excercises .

cool many thanks
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