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Default Westside 3 Day

Just wanted to share with ya'll what I'm having some extremely good success with. As you know, I'm cutting down with a modified TCD from redpoint w/ refeeds only once a week (as opposed to twice for gaining). I WAS doing the regular 4 day, but when you start adding in sled dragging and a deficit, it becomes A LOT.

So for anyone (including any fellow powerbuilders) here who wants something different to try, this can be interpretted a thousand different ways for a hundred different goals for many different people both big and small.

All you really have to do is KISS (keep it simple stupid) and listen to what your body is telling you. On ME days, you know two things.. First, what your maximal effort lift is. Second, areas you specifically need some work on. On DE days, you know the speed exercise, and weak points to work on. That's it. The common goal for all powerlifters is building your squat, bench, and deadlift. How you go about doing it is VERY individualistic.

The only thing that is set in stone is the rotating format, muscles worked, and GPP (for those of you that have a sled).

So an example week would look like this:

Monday: ME Bench (chest/shoulders/triceps)

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state cardio)

Wednesday: ME Squat/Deads (back/biceps/legs)

Thursday: GPP

Friday: DE Bench (chest/shoulders/triceps)

Saturday: LISS or Rest (I usually like another GPP)

Sunday: LISS or Rest

(Monday: DE Squat/Deadlift (back/biceps/legs)

Like I said, just another way of going about it. I personally find this type of training more enjoyable simply because I'm usually wiped out and half-ass my back work in a traditional upper day. But placing it on a lower day, after a max or dynamic squat, your entire rest of the day is open to mutilate your hammies and back with accessory work via gluteham raises, reverse hypers, pullthroughs, ect as well as doing your upper back/rear delts which is extremely important if you really want some reversal power benching!

So if anyone's like I am sometimes and doesn't like walking in the gym with a list they don't really feel like completing, OR sometimes feel so amped up (for whatever reason) that they want to bust out some PR's, then don't let a piece of paper or a speadsheet stop you! In my experience, the days you're scheduled to slay a new PR usually are the ones that you slept like shit the night prior, or on the verge of catching a cold.. The days where not much is happening, you feel like Supercock. So whenever you get that itch, bring your camera! An example I will use is my dynamic days. Every once in a while, I get that feeling where I just caught 13 hours of sleep, went to Outback Steakhouse last night, and I'm listening to Slayer on the way to the gym.. That's a perfect storm right there lol. So I'll bust out maybe 4-5 speed sets, keep my bands on, and work up to what my body is telling me I should be hitting.

I wanted to share my thought process nowadays. I'm not going to post a disclaimer for newbies or anything like that because quite frankly, most newbies gravitate to volume, and wouldn't bother reading the entire thread after "only three days in the gym" LOL.

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