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Default Powerlifting to Bodybuilding

You could do a lot of things while still being focused on increasing your numbers. I'll point out too that if I was to increase my calories with what I'm currently doing, I'd be gaining mass no problem. You could keep the speed days (for instance), then follow that up with some RE effort (hypertrophy) like bulgarian squats or lunges for 8-12 reps, or heavy leg presses for a few sets of 15's, ect. That train of thought right there is exactly what this thread is all about.

Few examples:

1) Instead of a 3 x 1, work some heavy triples, or a few sets of 5 reps for the maximal effort.. Or you could even do a 1-5 RM, followed by a heavy drop set of 6+ reps.

2) Typically for powerlifters, after the max effort bench is a max triceps exercise.. For bodybuilders, it would be a good idea to hit up a supplemental that focuses on chest pressing such weighted dips, DB presses, ect. In keeping with the "ME" spirit, I'd do a few heavy sets of 5's (pyramid or static for those who can tolerate it). Or you can keep the ME triceps press (like I would) and follow that up with something like DB Flyes for two sets of maximal reps. That way while your triceps are fryed, you can still work your chest.

3) Speed days could become RE days (repetition effort) meaning something more like what WS4SB does.. Like picking whatever weight for flat bench and busting out three max sets of AMAP (as many as possible). But, I'd recommend keeping the speed lift, then just following that up with RE the rest of the way.

Just keep in mind that the more you gravitate away from the powerlifting aspect, the more it's just another powerbuilding program loosely conjugate.. The only thing I'd keep conjugate obviously would be the ME lifts themselves. So for ME lower, I'd alternate a squat variation, then a deadlift, squat, ect.

All that being said, I personally still believe "optimally" I'd keep four days per week training. I only posted a three day that I'm doing simply to show that even while in fat loss mode, you can still continue increasing strength via powerlifting. And all these options I posted above really don't have to be employed if you're wanting more hypertrophy in all honesty. For example, noone's stopping you from following up a max effort exercise with a few high rep sets. If that's what I was after, I could do something like board pressing for singles, then strip the weight down to 225 and just rep out. Done deal.

Most importantly, this whole thread was designed with the intention that everyone has needs, and whatever you decide to do, whether an exercise like db flyes is frowned upon or not (), if you need the work for your pecs, and your triceps are done, don't sit there and struggle doing another press.. Now, I completely understand that people should NOT tackle programs that are too big for their britches so to speak. But, what I have found watching a lot of journals unfold through all the different websites is that either they're doing a set program that doesn't address their needs, or more frequently that they're so fucking bored with "meat and potatoes" training that they have zero motivation to walk in the gym and own the fucking day! Should they stick to it? Perhaps, but if mentally they're not in the game because they don't like one or more aspects of what's expected out of them, then why bother? Weightlifting is a very tough and demanding sport, but there really ought to be a few elements of fun or excitement to get the motivation running high IMHO.

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