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Default Strength and Endurance Returns.

After taking some time off and getting life together, I'm back and ready to get going.

This journal is a continuation of what I did before but with some tweaks that I thought would be needed.
The old journal:

First off, those that don't know what I do, I compete in BJJ and submission grappling and I'm hoping to make the transition to MMA soon. I've tried to mix Bill Starr's Advance 5x5 with my MMA training and it has been an up hill battle. I train in MMA on average 2-3 hours a day, 3-4 times a week. This on top of the advanced 5x5 was a lot to do and I was getting burnt out. Then, with the help of a few on the board, I started a cycle of workouts, 2 weeks of the Advanced 5x5, then 2 weeks of strait Strength Endurance training, then 2 weeks of KB and GPP training. This did lead to some results but my strength just hovered a little too much and I wasn't seeing improvements in Strength Endurance as I hoped.
Live and learn, that's what life and lifting is about.

So after about a couple of months thinking about my training and looking at others that train MMA and also lift, I've realized that they do strength training all the time with GPP and other types of strength endurance movements every week, and not like the cycles I've been doing.

So, on to the plan. I'm going to be using Bill Starr's Intermediate 5x5 program on Mondays and Fridays. If you look at the program you can see that Mondays and Fridays depend on each other more than Wednesdays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be cardio, core and light KB training. Wednesday's are going to be strength and strength endurance. I'm still working the kinks out and will let you know how I feel in the weeks into the program. If I come up to a competition, most likely I'll be changing things up and working on more endurance training.
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