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Hmmm, when?

I would say that the "when" answer would be sometime between your cardio work. For you, because you can gain some good benefits from weight work, I would suggest thinking "short, basic, infrequent" workouts. So if you have varying training volumes in your cardio prep, I would stick your weight work the evening before a low volume cardio day. You know, maybe the day you ONLY run 5 miles and not 8-10, or whatever. If you could also take that 5 miles at a lighter pace, I think that you could potentially get some benefits in recovery from your weight workouts.

Obviously, the sport you have chosen doesn't exactly lend itself to 250lb ripped monsters of muscle. So I would say that when you train with weights it would make the most sense to concentrate on lifts that are going to improve your sport performance. IE, bench press is fine, but there really isn't any relationship between bench press and... well, anything but bench pressing. It has terrible sport carry over all around, IMO. However, pullovers would work your shoulder joint through the same ROM as when you swim freestyle. Squats will help to build some strength in your legs and hips, obviously core work is going to benefit any sport... and probably overhead pressing as it is also close to swimming movements and will help to build overall strength in your shoulder girdle. Otherwise... well, most other things are going to be ego lifts and not really sport related.

...hmmm, rows or pullups would work well too.

The key is not to do too much. If you are too sore from your lifting to effectively run, that is bad. Remember, overall you are dependent on cardio performance to win. The strength aspect would be more for fine tuning the package, not for creating it.
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