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Wow i done some squats a few hours before the original post and i am still hurting like a f#cker!! and why is there always more flights of stairs that need taking during times like now?

But anyway, alright, I'll post my day's diet in a couple days.. i have no idea (except for 400-600grams of carbs per day), and doesn't include a lot of Australian branded food, so i'll write everything down for today and tomorrow.

I've got a running injury right now, so my 11 training sessions per week have gone down to 7.. probably convenient so i can get over the beginner DOMS curse while doing less tri training.

Goals: Strength training for endurance, and to a lesser extent, (upper body) muscle hypertrophy.. for the extent i'm talking about, i'm almost positive that the first goal will give me this, because swimmers (michael klim, grant hackett etc) have the upper body physique i'm after, which is definitely nothing to brag about in the gym compared to many lifters, but that kind of size is my goal.
Could probably have refined that down to 'usable size' but hey.
A workout that benefits my training and coincides with my training schedule.

For interest sakes, i've got a couple of shirtless photos of me on the computer somewhere if anyone wants me to put up, i will. Same goes with my timetable.

last year in the off season, i lifted for 6 months, 3 times per day. at the end of it, i still couldn't bench my body weight either. then i had surgery (jaw), and being unable to eat for a few days wasted me away a bit, and then I got lazy and stopped going.

I hope I answered everything here.
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