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Originally Posted by Cradler View Post
my roommate's girl asked him to help her design a program for toning. neither he nor i know if there are any huge differences in the way that women/men train. this wouldn't be a heavy lifting program per se (at least as far as he's thinking now)... more of the typical commercial-gym-new-year's-resolution-type program. except that he/i want this to be different in that it might actually work.

i'm thinking the main thing would just be the same as we say to everyone else - diet/cardio - but what should the lifting component look like?

Oh lord

Is she willing to at least follow a basic diet program too??

Of course, that's going to be a key thing here.

Circuits are great for 'weight loss.' But as a primary system of movements in the gym, she's gonna need a little more than just that.

Ideally, since it seems like she's not quite into the whole 'lifting' thing, I'd put her on two days of basic lifts, with two days of circuits. Then some cardio on a couple of days.

The two days of lifting, I'd set up as one upper and one lower. Basic movements.

Since she's probably never lifted in her life, let her go hog wild on the machines for now. Squat Press, Hack Squat-type machines. And also Bench and Row-type machines.

Free weights will probably intimidate her right now. Make her think she'll 'get bulky' *insert eye roll*

Differences between men and women training really aren't anything. Men can typically handle more volume and have faster recovery times. But the differential there isn't that vast.

What's her weight/height? Any idea?
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