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Default Newbie introduction, and a question.

Hello everyone
I've been enjoying lurking and reading your posts for the last day or so, and decided to come out of the shadows.

I am a newbie to weights: 3 months, with some BF weight to lose. (I'm 25% at the moment, started at 35%) My motivation? My 40th birthday and being fit at 40 (the year to do it in). Don't laugh at the fat woman, I'm working on it!

I eat 5 small meals a day, watching my calories (based on LBM) and have one evening meal a week where I eat what I like (within reason, not a whole elephant in one go LOL ). I am achieving a 1kg / 2lb BF loss per week, maintaining and sometimes gaining a small amount of LBM. Caliper measurements are used to determine LBM.
I am quite happy with this as I feel energised all the time.

My exercise routine is 3 days per week yoga in the mornings with weights in the evenings (upper and lower body) , 3 days cardio (treadmill or Iaido or kickboxing) and a rest day. This also seems to be going well, and I have made good progress (for me) in the weights used, steadily progressing on all muscle groups, but now having a blip with the biceps.

I do have a question about biceps curls. Way back I started with 10lbs, and have now got it up to 45lb. That is the problem, I don't seem to be able to progress with 50lb beyond 5 reps. All other arm exercises are at 65lb, and I am worrying about progressing too much with them and leaving the biceps unbalanced in relation to the others. Please HELP me someone!
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