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Originally Posted by Eric3237 View Post
That's all good ideas. BTW, what about chinups/pullups? Can you do those?

But a simpler thing to do since you say you can already do 5 reps is to basically find ways to increase volume by different means.
For instance you can progressively increase density. Since you can do 5 reps (for one sets) you could try 50 pounds with say, 3 reps at a time.

There are many ways to progress and this can be applied to all sorts of exericises.
I have never tried a chin up...glows red from embarassment, mainly because I doubted my upper body strength. I don't have a bar, but will go look for one when I am in the UK next week.

Ackkk, I am stupid, yes, I am, I never even thought of reduced reps!?! Just goes to show how a newbie needs advice.

Thank you, I shall give that a try tomorrow.

My assumption is that 50lbs per arm is mediocre for a woman, but I really am at sea on what is good or bad. I am just comparing myself to my beginning weights, and being happy with that. Something is working as I have dropped 2 dress sizes.

Do you guys and gals like progress photos? Or just the muscle definition ones? I looked back on my start photos today and was quite surprised, no I don't look like a fitness model, but I can see the progress after 3 months.
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