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Default Was last nights Kimbo fight fixed? What do you thing?

I saw the Kimbo vs Shamrock (Shamrock scratched) Silverback stepped in and knocked Kimbo the f' out in about 10 seconds. Silverback caught Kimbo w/ a right that cut Kimbo's eye and sent him down, then Silver back jumped in for a little pounding until the ref stopped it to call a knock out. WOW...

That was my initial reaction... but I was wrong yet again.... when they played the slow motion replay I noticed that Kimbo wasn't knocked out, he was just regrouping. And... granted, Silverbacks right hook caught Kimbo solid, but that flurry of punches while Kimbo was on the ground was a bunch of crap. Look closely in the slow motion... all but one or 2 missed Kimbo completely, and the 1 or 2 that made contact were as weak as they come. They were some kind of weak underhand girly punches that did nothing.

Call me crazy... but I think there's a possibility that this fight was fixed... which I wouldn't be suprised to see from CBS... and elite xc

Now... before you jump to any conclusions... make sure check out the fight in slow motion and see what I'm talking about for yourself... I promise you, you'll be shocked.

Then respond with your thoughts on what went down... I'm very curious to see what everybody else thinks.

Do you agree with me?
Or am I crazy?

Anyway... that's my 2 cents.
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