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sorry for the delay... work as been a b!tch .(end of the quarter)
ok here we go
I'm 6'0", 208 lbs and about 13%bf
I'm looking to drop at least 6lbs of fat, and hopefully add some lean muscle. on a 30 day cut cycle with these sups:

200-300 mg of 7-cort (to battle stress hormones in this stressful end of quarter time, and for some fat loss effect).
600mg of 6 oxo. (to raise natural test levels)
1 serving of Anabolic Matrix Rx from IronMagLabs, which includes:
--280mg of Diindolemethane (DIM),),(his is to help the reduce the
level of "bad" estrogens)
--750mg of tribulus terrestis (20%Protodioscin & 80% Furastanolic Saponins)
--150mg of Chrysin (Chrysin minimizes the conversion of testosterone to
either estrogen or DHT).

sups that I will be taking longer to further my cutting into August are.
4 caps of Lipo 6, (starting at 1 in the morning and building up to 2 morning, 2 evening.
green tea,(drinking it)
600 mg of R-ALA
5gm of L-Glutamine, ( take this in the morning right before I do cardio)

sups I take all the time are
Joint sups (to help my shoulder and wrist joints because I'm coming back from an injury.
--1500mg Glucosamine sulfate
--1200mg Chondroitin sulfate
--1500mg MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane)
this is divided up into 3 servings a day
525mg of Milk Thistle, (just because I have never done a natural test stack and I just want my liver to be safe, plus it's a good sup to take to keep your liver healthy)

as for the workout I'm doing the Max OT with 3-4 days cardio. The Max OT is a little modified because I'm coming off of a wrist injury and can't do some of the exercises yet, (still feeling some discomfort), and I have one set of 8 just because I like it that way.
I start my workouts on Tuesday, why, because Mondays at my gym are a pain in the butt. All the partiers feel guilty about being fat that they all show up on Monday. After that it tapers off..

well I'll post my first and second workout later today. Ill also reveal my diet then. can't give you guys everything at once, you have to keep coming back for more. ;)
see you then

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