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Default Tuesday the 7th

here's a quicky.
Did legs that day and it just stopped aching today. just so you guys know a little about my background. I've been in the martial arts for 15 some odd years. and my legs are the strongest and my favorite body part.

my lifts were.
Squat: warm-up, 8/135, 6/225 ( I do low rep warm-up so I don't burn myself out and I do them real slow so I can concentrate on contracting the muscle).
working set, 8/315, 6/335, 2/345 (my back felt funny so I stopped and stretch out for 5 mins to get out what ever got in)
Leg press: 8/640 6/680 6/700 (felt better on this)(I do these with my legs up higher so it hits my hamstrings more).
Stiff leg deads: 8/225 6/225 2/225 (didn't want to tax my back anymore and my hams were tired from leg press.

standing Calves raises: 8/355 8/375 7/375 (failure)
seated calves raises: 8/225 8/225 8/225

over all the workout was ok just that I didn't' warm-up/stretch my back as much and I didn't break any new ground on lifts yet.
Sup analysis
everything is going good with the sups the Lipo is giving me the jitters.. so this will be a slow getting use to process.
The other sups so far had no effect yet but that does change.

I'll let you guys know about Wed. and Thur. later
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