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well,ya got me there. It does state in the information it is for advanced lifters... I guess Im just used to seeing a lot of hungry people that know what they are doin on the boards. its best to stick to the basics and learn the moves at first,
oh, 0311, your journal is just that.. I dont keep a journal per say, but use excel at every workout for progress. A journal gives ya some extra space to keep you accountable, and you can put misc feelings in there on how weights/you felt... but dowhat ya want.

What would you recommendas a split then. A 3 x full wo,or 4 day split, maybe do the below, maybe swap monand friday. pick 3-4 exercises, 3-4 sets, and 8-12 reps a set.

Mon - Back/Bis
Tues - Shoulders
Wed – Rest
Thrus - Legs
Fri - Chest/Tris
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