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You guys should try posting on Yahoo Answers. That site is an absolute hoot. I signed up for shits and giggles a couple of days ago. It's interesting because you have totally uneducated people asking the wrong questions. There is no room for feedback apparently, so it's kind of redundant.

Recently someone asked if following the food pyramid guidelines would make them lose weight and if following the guidelines to a T was actually a diet. That was the entirety of the question. No other info was provided. I spent about 15 minutes typing up a response that detailed how it was a diet, weight loss depended on maintenance calories, briefly outlined the role of hormones in weight management, explained how all calories are not created equally, and explained why it might or might not work. By the time I posted my response, +10 people had already responded with answers like:
-"Just go run. That will tone up your legs. Do some crunches and that will tone up your midsection."
-"Yes, it's a great diet."
-"All you need to do is eat healthy"
-"Check out this site; it's how I lost weight (spam)"

It's pretty apparent also that most of the people asking for advice on Yahoo Answers in regards to health are doing it so they feel good about themselves. Why else would you post on a site where over 90% of the people that post have no clue as to what the definition of health is? I love Yahoo Answers because it draws that type of person away from sites like this one.

So if the purpose of this thread isn't clear enough to anyone, then I would recommend signing up or reading some of the responses at Yahoo Answers. It will be painfully clear to you then.

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