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A couple of weeks ago I competed in my first ever strongman competition and it was a blast. It was a pretty small contest (I think only 12 or so people actually competed), but we had a pretty nice crowd turn out to watch and all of the competitors were great. Everyone was extremely positive, helpful, and we all encouraged and cheered each other on. I for one know that it hooked me and I can't wait to compete again if the opportunity arises, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in competing to give it a try.

Has anyone else on the board ever competed? and if so, what was your experience like? I was actually pretty surprised at how friendly everyone was and I was wondering if this was the norm or if I I just lucked out and happened to compete with a good group of guys.

Also, how do you incorporate strongman training into your regular lifting programs, especially if you don't have standard strongman equipment at your disposal? (i.e. no axel, stones, logs, etc.)
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